Zuccotti Private/Public Space?

The City and Brookfield properties seem to have backed down on emptying Zuccotti Park for cleaning this morning, but the issues of Privately Owned Pubic Spaces won’t go away. There are 520 of them in New York City. Brookfield laid out some of the issues and liabilities they face in a letter to the City, including the necessity to provide required access to individuals who aren’t protesting.

DOB is trying to help us again. The Mayor and Buildings Commissioner LiMandri opened a high tech plan review center this week. Digital construction plans can be submitted to the Department, reviewed electronically, and amended or approved with less need for actual physical meetings. We hope this means the examiners will spend more than 20 minutes a month considering architects and engineers issues on each specific project.

ABO has been asked to nominate an Associate Member of the Year by the New York State Home Builders Association. Send your suggestions for an Associate member who works for you and the industry to Dan Margulies at the ABO office.

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