New Permit Portal and Green Infrastructure Plans

New York City is announcing new online services for developers, owners and managers almost as often as they are issuing RFPs for development projects. Of course, what they give with one hand they take away with the other…

The Department of Transportation this week opened a new online Street Manual, a guide and map to street work, permit application and street closing information. The idea is to coordinate information from capital plans, utility work, and private permits to limit conflicts. The portal even has links to weekly resurfacing plans

Meanwhile, the Department of Environmental Protection entered a new agreement with the State to limit sewer overflows.  The 20-year $2.4 billion plan relies on more than $1 billion from private investment that will be required in Green Infrastructure, such as roof water retention capacity, that the City just proposed a few weeks ago.

Mayor Bloomberg seems personally conflicted on development as well. The Post reported that he is looking forward to his last groundbreaking and thinking about shoveling the last scoop of dirt at reporters.

Invitations for our December 1st annual dinner will be in the mail next week. For now, be sure to sign up for our November 3rd luncheon on the best amenities to include in new developments and renovations.

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