Redistricting etc.

This week’s big ugly compromise in Albany on redistricting, pension reform, DNA recordkeeping, online casino gambling and the subsequent approval of pay by boku casinos in the area – topics which naturally go together – created a new State Senate district in the Albany area that seems tailored for a local Republican candidate who happens to be a home builder. See the new 2012 district maps here

The City Council also practiced politics this week, declaring that there is still a rental emergency justifying rent control until April 2015.

A Civil Court decision reported this week in Otero v. Houston St. Owners threw out a tenant claim for emotional distress and invasion of privacy caused by hallway cameras, even if admittedly placed to determine who is living in an apartment.

The State Senate began moving forward with one proposal from the city Greener Greater Buildings plan code amendments – a bill to allow adding up to 8 inches of exterior insulation on existing buildings without violating FAR requirements. Not sure what that would look like. Assembly approval and city council action on related proposals are pending this spring.

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