Frankenstorm is coming, so if you can’t find your RSVP card for our November 8th gala before you leave the office today, email your reservation. Oh, and check your pumps and generators.

When is increased construction spending only so-so news for the building industry? When it’s driven by inflation in materials costs and means fewer jobs, according to an analysis by Greg David at Crain’s New York. The latest forecasts are for the highest spending since 2008 and the fewest jobs since 1998.

Brownfield development of affordable housing will be the topic at a New Partners for Community Revitalization seminar featuring Jonathan Rose, December 11th.

USA Today, yesterday, had a detailed look at the business of Green, particularly the LEED process, describing how it has been driven into a  $122 billion dollar industry for contractors, suppliers, and consultants. It quotes one analyst who said half the LEED points were worth little or nothing to the environment, and quotes a founder of the U.S. Green Building Council saying that a lot of people just came into this from purely a marketing perspective and just want to sell more stuff.

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