Boiler Repair Permits Expedited

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has waived the two percent biodiesel requirement for heating oil dues to supply problems. This waiver does not apply to the low sulfur content requirements. The waiver will remain in effect for one month.  In addition DEP announced new, streamlined emergency boiler work permit guidelines to aid building owners recovering from Hurricane Sandy. The new guidelines will allow temporary work permits to repair or replace damaged boilers to be issued by providing a website with basic information about the work being completed, type of boiler being installed, where to find a trusted central heating cover,and information about the licensed installer or plumber in McKinney. The new emergency boiler work permit guidelines will allow work to begin immediately.

To receive a temporary emergency work boiler work permit, fax or email the following information to 718 595 3846 or email it to and

Address where the installation will occur

Boiler and burner make and model numbers

Boiler input / firing rate (BTU/hr.)

Fuel type (only #2 and / or natural gas allowed)

Name, phone number and address of the licensed installer / plumber

A complete Work permit application must be filed with DEP within 30 days of issuance of the temporary work permit. Applications for a work permit can be downloaded from at and hand delivered or mailed to DEP, 59-17 Junction Boulevard, 9th floor, Flushing, NY 11373. Please be sure to include the installation number in the application.

The ABO office is still closed due to power problems. Phones are not working, but we are receiving email.

Some industry events are continuing. The CHIP cocktail party at Bryant Park Grill and the Massey Knakal Multifamily are still scheduled for next week. The ABO dinner this week has been postponed due to storm damage at the Ritz Carlton.

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