Rapid Repairs

New York City has announced a Rapid Repairs program to match homeowners suffering damage from Superstorm Sandy with contractors. Contractors who are interested in participating in this rebuilding effort must register their company at bteany.com/rapidrepairs.

FEMA is also registering contractors. Current FEMA requirements state that contractors interested in participating must register in the FEMA Disaster Response Registry. Interested contractors should:

Register with the System for Award Management by going to www.sam.gov to register.  If you have any questions call 866-606-8220;

Complete the FEMA Vendor Profile Form to the Industry Liaison Program.  Contact the Industry Liaison Support Center at FEMA-Industry@dhs.gov for this form or call 202-646-1895.

Anyone with apartments available for short or long term emergency housing can list them at http://www.urbanedgeny.com/hurricane-sandy-temporary-housing-for-rent

Meanwhile, if you were planning to evict someone for non payment months before the storm and just a got a warrant, City Marshal Richard McCoy won’t help. He’s declared a moratorium on evictions “due to Sandy” even though it would be months before any Sandy-related actions worked through the courts.

The Real Estate Division of the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation, of which ABO Board Member Peter L. DiCapua is a founder, is holding its annual Empire Ball December 12th. Get the details here.

Finally, the ABO office is now open with electricity, heat, and Internet, including email — but no phone service yet. Verizon apparently has no way to forward plain old telephone service unless the phone you want to forward is working in the first place.

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