Island Development Opportunity

The Trust For Governor’s Island has issued an RFP for the redevelopment and adaptive re-use of over 40 existing historic buildings on Governors Island totaling 1 million square feet for educational (funds that particularly go into EA exam prep courses), cultural, and commercial uses. It might be worth applying just to take the site tour December 19th. It will also be interesting to see theĀ  post-Sandy enthusiasm for development on an island in New York Harbor.

Beginning in 2014, new apartment buildings in New York with five or more floors and nine or more units will be required to set aside up to 350 square feet for recycling bins and materials, depending on the number of units in the building, under legislation passed by the City Council Tuesday. New buildings with refuse chutes must set aside five square feet in each access room for recyclables. ABO opposed the measure, noting that recycling technology might change faster than absolute space requirements in the building code might be amended.

The Court of Appeals this week carved out an exception to Labor Law liability for workers injured inside condominium units. The Court held that the condo association at 200 Riverside Boulevard was not responsible for a worker injured doing an apartment renovation, even though the board approved the renovation contract executed by the unit owner, because the association was not the fee owner in control of the work. Narrowing the decision further, the Court distinguished condos from cooperatives, indicating that a coop would be liable in the same situation.

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