The Times Are Changing, Again

There is still time to reserve your seat for ABO’s June 12th luncheon at the Princeton Club featuring Barry Rudofsky, Managing Member of Bronstein Properties, on the topic:

Family Money to Institutional Money and Back

The evolution of multifamily finance in New York

Buy tickets here, return the invitation sent by regular mail, or call 212 385-4949 to reserve.

The Council has approved vacancy decontrol…well, it was the Borough Council in Little Ferry, NJ, but still.  Moving to gradually deregulate more than 1300 units the Council  decided that regulating rents depressed apartment property values. That, in turn, unfairly raised property taxes for homeowners. Someone must have paid attention in Econ 101.

Have any old electronic devices lying around? You know you do, and so do your tenants. Buildings with more than 10 units can now sign up to get those old phones, CRT televisions and other potentially hazardous e-waste taken away with e-cycleNYC. Depending on the size and type of building, a City contractor might make a one time pickup or maintain a collection bin on premises…and keep your hands out of there, you have enough junk already.

Superstorm Sandy is over, but the need for thousands of emergency housing units is not, and may occur again. The City Office of Emergency Management and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have selected a modular design to be developed for future urban disasters. The winner is a three-story row house. Units are 12 x 40 with an exterior stair  and three one bedroom apartments expandable to three bedrooms with additional modules alongside. The units comply with New York City building codes and construction takes almost no time. A prototype building is going up soon in Brooklyn.

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