Rent Control Narrowly Survives


The election was too close to call, on the Hoboken Rent Control referendum. It now looks as if the referendum to reform rent regulations in Hoboken failed by fewer than 100 votes out of about 10,000 — proving, if nothing else, that even in cities with a long tradition of rent regulation the voters are pretty evenly divided on the issue.



Bill de Blasio won the New York Mayoral election by a somewhat larger margin. The Real Estate industry reaction ranged from careful appraisals of his past pro-development  actions — he has been a supporter of higher density and opponent of nimbyism — to concern about late reports in today’s Wall Street Journal that he is considering State Sen. Liz Krueger for a position as Housing Czar.



Meanwhile, the current administration keeps trying to smooth the way for construction with electronic filings. The Department of Buildings last week expanded the HUB e-filing and review service to include Alt. 2 and Alt. 3 permits for minor renovations. Major alteration applications, Alt. 1, filed through the HUB are generally processed three times faster than paper applications.



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