Not So Safe

Avanti Building Consultants and NYCB Engineering Group were indicted yesterday for allegedly falsifying site safety reports at forty building projects across the City.  Some of the inspections had the signature of a dead man, according to the indictment.

Crane operators could walk off the job after contract negotiations broke down earlier this week.

Historic districts and affordable housing don’t mix according to the latest report from the Real Estate Board of New York.  REBNY’s data show that throughout the five boroughs, 34,904 units of affordable housing were constructed between 2003 and 2012, with only 100 of those units built on landmarked property. Of the 100 units, 95 of them were built at Cedars/Fox Hall in the Longwood Historic District in the Bronx and the other 5 were part of a project on Historic Front Street built on land sold by the City.  Both projects relied on hefty subsidies.

The Municipal Art Society is more concerned with protecting historic skylines than affordable housing, so they developed an online tool to track air rights. It also works great for developers trying to figure out where to build. You can just click on a lot and see what rights are left. Click on all the lots on your block to analyze development potential.

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