More For Less

The pattern of building less housing for more money continues according to the latest Construction Outlook from the New York Building Congress. While residential spending is expected to rise by 60 percent this year, the number of new dwelling units produced is expected to increase by just 22 percent, from 18,400 units in 2013 to 22,500 this year. The Building Congress forecasts a total of 23,250 new dwelling units in 2015 and 24,000 units in 2016. By comparison, the industry managed to produce 33,200 housing units for $5.9 billion in 2008. Increased land and construction costs and the numbers dictating building mostly luxury housing were blamed.

Any new housing may have to be more than 75 feet from a school if Manhattan City Councilman Mark Levine gets his way. He introduced legislation this week to bar construction within 75 feet of about 2600 public and private schools if it produces more than 45 decibels of noise in the classroom…for reference, that it is enough noise to wake someone who is sleeping, but less than typical office noise or a conversation.

Want to build the most possible energy savings into your new building? The National Institute of Standards and Technology just announced an online tool to provide detailed recommendations for different structures and uses. The tool lets developers analyze whether it pays to go beyond specific code requirements.

The Cuomo reelection campaign yesterday released a 245 page manifesto for a second term: “Moving the New New York Forward.” It has one paragraph on housing, promising more.

Beechwood Housing in Queens got $6300 in rebates so far this year from the NYSBA Member Advantage Program for construction materials and supplies they were buying anyway. What did you get? Apply before November 21st to get rebates for stuff you bought last quarter.

Join us Wednesday for an ABO Seminar:

“What Price Energy? Buying It, Saving It, Making It”

at 12:30 during the NYARM Expo at the Hotel Pennsylvania on 7th Avenue and 33rd St.

Speakers include:

Thomas Devlin, ABO FS Energy Buying Group

Ahmed Ibrahim, Ecosystem

David Singer, Original Energy

Arthur Rosenfield, Red Apple Group

They will be talking about how you can save money, so be sure to attend.


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