Class Actions for Overcharge

Tenants can bring class actions for rent overcharges if they waive claims for treble damages, according to a decision this week by the State Court of Appeals. The dissent noted that statute prohibits tenants from waiving their rights and bars class actions for penalties, but the majority ruled that refunding overcharges with interest was compensation and not a penalty.

A State Senate Republican spokesman is promising no new taxes, particularly not the increased mansion tax or pied-a-terre tax that have been floated by the City administration and Council members. Meanwhile, the City updated its 2015 Financial Plan, indicating that property tax receipts are $189 million more than anticipated.

How many new skyscrapers are planned in New York City? The New York Post has a photo rendering of 30 new buildings planned between now and 2018, and that is just south of Central Park.

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, ABO members have until December 5th to file claims for rebates on building supplies purchased since April:

The ABO office will be closed Thursday and Friday for the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving.

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