Year Ends With Fake Housing News

It is probably fitting that the last major housing story of 2016 falls under the heading of fake news. Pro Publica published an exposé this week of  Governor Cuomo’s failure to get more than about half the 50,000 deregulated J51 units back into stabilization…but they apparently failed to understand that rent registration totals include additions and deletions for other reasons.

DNA Info reports that the City is near settlement with almost 12,000 SCRIE tenants that sought to roll back their rent contribution after failing to certify and then requalifying at a higher base rent. Their argument was that the failure to recertify was a result of disability and the City is trying to figure out how to make adjustments.

The new year is bringing a higher minimum wage beginning at midnight tomorrow. Companies in New York City with 11 or more employees will have to pay at least $11 an hour, $10.50 for smaller companies, and  lesser amounts in various other counties.

And, by Sunday, signage on single occupant bathrooms in public areas will have to be gender neutral. No more men’s or ladies rooms if there is just one stall.

Happy New Year.

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