Pay More

Class 2 billable assessments will go up 10.5% for fiscal 2018, beginning in July, under the Mayor’s latest financial plan released Tuesday. Estimates are that almost one quarter of that might be due to new construction and improvements, but look for close to an 8% tax hike on existing apartment buildings.

DHCR published 2017 fuel adjustments for rent controlled apartments, Monday, with decreases for National Grid firm gas customers and increases for other fuel and billing types. Owners with National Grid  firm gas have to file the RA 33.10 forms and serve tenants within 60 days or lose their entire fuel adjustment…but, typically, as of this morning, the new numbers and online forms weren’t online. They will be here, eventually.

DHCR has published updated Forms  HRVD-N – Notice of Apartment Deregulation Pursuant to High Rent Vacancy and  RA-93 CF – Income Certification Form to reflect the 2017 Deregulation Rent Thresholds. The threshold remains $2700 in New York City, but varies in ETPA counties. Still, even in New York City, the new forms should be used.

The poor developer’s Hudson Yards? The Economic Development Corporation  has issued an RFP for a mixed use project  including housing on a 58,000 square foot site over rail yards in Long Island City.

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