Be There or Be Square

Today is CHIP’s Annual President’s Club lunch. A major announcement is planned for the event.

Republican State Sen. Robert Ortt was indicted yesterday for alleged election law violations. Ortt’s removal from the Senate, if convicted, could tip the balance of power  to Democrats.

Four borough presidents, Wednesday, endorsed the proposal for a new Home Stability Support program to fill the gap between the shelter rent allowance and fair market rents when tenants are facing eviction or homelessness.

Thousands of owners and managers visited our BuildingsNY show Tuesday and Wednesday. There was standing room only at CHIP’s City Hall at BuildingsNY program with speakers and caseworkers from multiple agencies. Keynote Speaker Jerry Howard, CEO of the National Association of Homebuilders, warned owners not to expect any increase in Section 8 voucher funds in coming years; said an income tax cut was likely, but only after Congress finishes with health care; and thought the Low Income Housing Tax Credit would survive in some form. He gave President Trump’s 2018 budget proposals, including elimination of Community Development Block Grants, less of a chance.

The Bronx is up again. The borough added 6,524 people in the year ended July 1st, the Census Bureau reported yesterday.  The other boroughs trailed, but all grew. The City’s overall population rose by 21,171 to an estimated 8,537,673. The State lost 1900 people. Only eight counties north of Westchester gained.

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