How Much?

The New York City Council, Wednesday, passed legislation prohibiting employers from asking job applicants what they were paid at their last job, or relying on that information to make salary offers. If signed by the Mayor, as expected, employers will not be able to ask for salary information when checking references either, and if you are using a paystub for this, make sure they’re not fake paystubs as these are illegal as well.

California apartment owners breathed a sigh of relief this morning when the sponsor of a bill to repeal the State’s Costa Hawkins bill was reported to have withdrawn the measure until at least next year. Costa Hawkins prevents localities from regulating rents in buildings built since 1995 or regulating vacancy rents generally.

In Albany, NY, efforts by the Assembly to tie renewal of 421a development tax incentives to rent regulations’ 2019 renewal appear to have failed, but then the entire State budget deal is still up in the air this morning.

What’s a concierge worth in New York? An average of $54 a month in increased rent, according to a survey and study by the National Apartment Association released this week. A washer and dryer in the unit is worth $6.17 a month, on average, and a fitness center is worth $48.45.

And if access to public transit increases rent, check the new ferry stops coming on line. Mayor de Blasio announced yesterday that Rockaway service starts May 1st, with new northern Queens stops coming this summer.

Trash receptacles put out for curbside pickup are now officially limited to 55 gallons under a Department of Sanitation rule effective Wednesday.

The City Department of Buildings has extended the application period for anyone interested in working on advisory committees on revising the Building Code until April 14th. Engineers, architects, plumbers and developers are encouraged to apply.

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