Gas Shut-offs Rising

Gas shutoffs are increasing due to a combination of a crackdown on illegal connections; publicity about gas safety, including a new City law requiring owners to advise tenants to call 911 if they smell gas; and a new statewide requirement for utilities to inspect pipes all the way to the building meter instead of just to the curb connection. Beginning in 2019, City law will also require inspection of exposed pipe and gas detection tests every five years. CHIP, ABO and other industry representatives met Wednesday with Con Edison to work on protocols to minimize shutdowns and limit the portions of buildings effected. We will keep members informed as new information is developed. Please contact the CHIP office if you have specific questions or concerns.
Rensselaer is the latest of thirteen New York counties that have decided that if they can’t stop Airbnb, they can at least tax it. They reached a deal to have the home sharing company collect hotel taxes for them on rentals.
The New York City Council, yesterday, approved a Downtown Far Rockawayrezoning plan to encourage more and higher density housing. At the same time, they approved an East Shore Resiliency plan limiting development in areas of Oakwood Beach, Graham Beach and Ocean Breeze prone to flooding.
If you want to have a personal hand in rezoning the City, the Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development is recruiting a Senior Advisor on Land Use. Good luck.
Meanwhile, the City Council yesterday also amended its recent law expanding the definition of tenant harassment to include acts by owners of one and two family homes…but unlike multifamily owners, the small owners aren’t guilty until proven innocent.
Not everything is about real estate. Oh, wait. It is. Turns out the sale of the NY Daily News this week was all about the value of its Jersey City printing plant and 25 acres next to Liberty State Park.
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