Facebook F*iends

Sure, Facebook lets foreign governments manipulate you, but now the social media giant is accused of fostering housing discrimination. Seems the ability to target your apartment ads to young singles with no kids, or not show it to people self-identified as Hispanic, or who “like” handicapped parking permits, could be misused.

If you didn’t protest your property tax assessment last year you didn’t share in $577 million in New York City tax savings agreed to by the Tax Commission.

$1.1 Billion in tax dollars will go to house the City’s homeless in hotels over the next three years, at an average of $174 a night (more than $5,000 a month). The City’s plan is reported to be “controversial.”

Buildings Commissioner Rick Chandler said Wednesday that he is trying to figure out how to implement new construction safety training requirements without creating records that would expose undocumented workers to federal authorities.

Fifty percent more people aged 26-34 left New York State as moved here in 2016, and more than twice as many people over 34 left than came here, according to a new analysis at the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies. Even Brooklyn lost population.

NIMBYs on the Upper West Side are fighting against a 51-story apartment building already under construction at 69th and Amsterdam. The Buildings Department issued a permit for the building as-of-right, but neighbors complain that the method of calculating air rights (used by the Department for forty years) was flawed. The new tower will be just three blocks north of a 60-story building.

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