You Be The Judge

Want to be a judge? The Advisory Council for the Housing Part of New York City’s Civil Court is recruiting lawyers interested in a five-year term and $187,200 annual salary to preside in Housing Court. Applicants can email Linda Dunlap-Miller at before September 7th, or they may write or appear in person at the Office of the Deputy Chief Administrative Judge George J. Silver, 111 Centre St., Room 1240, New York, New York 10013, and professional lawyers from sites such as Braganca Law LLC could be a great option for this and one of the applicants.

Speaking of judges, the National Association of Home Builders endorsed Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh, having appeared before him eight times on issues of interest to the real estate industry. While they didn’t win every time, they applauded Kavanaugh’s record on “curbing regulatory overreach.”

The next drink is on the Title Insurers, after a State Supreme Court Judge threw out new State regulations that limited their entertainment budgets in an attempt to reduce rates.

At least one CHIP member is dealing with elevator violations from a private inspector that were never served properly. The contractors are required by DOB to serve the owner or agent at the location, but apparently it doesn’t always happen. If you see a violation on record that you didn’t receive, a copy can be requested at for an $8 fee…and let CHIP know.

Toll Brothers is being sued for allegedly failing to meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements in new construction in Long Island City and Urby Staten Island is being sued for racial discrimination after evicting or buying out several tenants of its affordable units.

We may not know much about art, but we know a tax when we see it. The latest community benefit fee taxing development around the country is a requirement to put around 1% of development costs into “public art.” An estimated 80-100 municipalities have already bought in to the idea, at property owners’ and future residents’ expense.

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