Inwood is Up-Zoned

The New York City Council, Wednesday, approved a rezoning of the Inwood area of Manhattan, allowing about 3,900 more apartments to be built than previously permitted. Two thirds of the units would be ‘affordable’ under various programs.

Mayor de Blasio this week signed legislation putting tough new reporting requirements on Airbnb, in an attempt to limit illegal occupancies.

Thousands of tenants in buildings owned by Steven Croman are eligible to share in an $8 million restitution fund to compensate them for harassment, whether they were harassed or not. They can qualify for having lived in one of his buildings sometime between 2011 and 2017 according to the State Attorney General.

Freddie Mac is taking a different approach to housing affordability, offering to trade low interest mezzanine loans for ten years of voluntary rent limits.

A new economic snapshot released by the Department of City Planning reports that, outside of New York City, the labor force of 25-54 year-olds is growing exclusively in New Jersey along rail corridors with access to the City. In fact, since 2000, Northern New Jersey added 230,000 more housing units than jobs and the City added 253,000 more jobs than housing units.

The State Division of Housing and Community has posted updated Fact Sheets on Security Deposits and Demolition.

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