Universal, or Something

Democrat Gubernatorial hopeful Cynthia Nixon and Lieutenant Governor candidate Jumaane Williams called for universal rent control this week, but had trouble defining it. Tenant groups statewide are making the slogan a rallying cry.

Anita Laremont was appointed Executive Director of City Planning, Wednesday. She has been general counsel to the Planning Department since 2014 and was heavily involved in drafting mandatory inclusionary zoning and the midtown East plan.

The best new interactive map of the week comes from the New York City Department of Buildings. You can click on the location of every new building permit or Alt 1 building enlargement permit and get all the details.

A family needs to earn $103,235.16 to afford the median priced New York metro area home according to an HSH.com analysis. We’re number 7. You need $274,623.19 to afford the median priced San Jose, CA home and $109,411.27 for a Boston area home. It’s all in the metro vs. city calculations, with the New York area median home price only $410,500 vs. San Jose’s $1,405,000.

How hard is development in the New York metro area? Southampton Town is buying an old motel and planning to resell it for condo development with all permits and plans in place—because prospective private buyers were scared off by the Town permit and planning process.

When you can’t build in a town, however, one possibility is to build a new one. There are at least six developments in the Hudson Valley built, or planned to be, effectively, mini-cities. “Live, work, play” is the design idea.

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