Feeling Blue

Tuesday’s blue wave in New York could lead to a battle on rent regulations, with the Governor’s office confirming that he wanted to “advance additional tenant protections, including the elimination of vacancy decontrol and limiting rent increases for building and apartment improvements.”
The voters spoke directly on rent regulation in California, overwhelmingly defeating Proposition 10, which would have allowed expansion of rent controls there.
Another election result is the rise of several New York representatives toleadership of House committees that could affect the economy and housing, including Nita Lowey as chair of the Appropriations Committee, Nydia Velazquez as chair of the subcommittee on small business, and Carolyn Maloney as chair of the subcommittee on capital markets.
Amazon may be bringing 25,000 jobs to Long Island City, if the localCouncilman and State Senator can’t discourage them. Both are raising the usual NIMBY concerns. Google, meanwhile, is expanding to about 20,000 jobs in the City with less fanfare.
The December 1st deadline for construction workers to get safety certificates for 30 hours of training has been delayed until June 1st because of the lack of training resources.
The City Department of Sanitation released its formal proposal for new commercial carting zones, beginning what is likely to be a multi-year approval process. The idea is for a limited number of carters to be licensed for each neighborhood to reduce energy consumption and corruption.
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