Who? What?

The programmers behind tenant complaint websites heatseek.org andjustfix.nyc have launched Who Owns What to help tenants identify all the properties owned by a single entity despite multiple LLCs. Using public records and relying on office addresses, it may be more reliable at finding agents than owners.

Mayor de Blasio has announced that the City is close to acquiring 17 buildings with 729 units in order to convert 468 of the units currently used for cluster housing for the homeless into permanent residents. No prices were revealed and the City is “negotiating” with the owners under the threat of using eminent domain.

The Mayor and Comptroller, meanwhile, are battling over which taxes to raise to pay for subsidized housing. The Mayor wants to add a 2.5% surcharge on residential sales over $2 million while the Comptroller wants to eliminate the mortgage recording tax but boost property transfer taxes up to 8%. Either plan would require approval by the State.

The State Division of Housing and Community Renewal has confused owners in Ossining, where the Village recently adopted rent stabilization, by extending the deadline for initial registration and fee payments to unspecified dates. TheHCR website says they will send a letter to those affected when they know what they are doing.

It is Co-op City’s 50th anniversary and Curbed has an interesting history alluding to its multiple government bailouts and socialist roots. The early population of more than 60,000 has dropped to about 45,000 and the project is considered the nation’s largest naturally occurring retirement community.

Friday the 7th is the last day to buy discounted tickets for the International Builders Show, February 19-21st in Las Vegas. ABO members get an additional break.

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