100 Days, Really?

Governor Cuomo said “all” of his 100-day legislative goals would be included in his State Budget proposal, presumably including ending luxury decontrol and other rent rule changes even though normally they wouldn’t be dealt with before the law sunsets in June. The Budget is due by March 31st.
The L-Pocalypse is cancelled. The Governor announced Thursday that the L train will continue to operate weekdays during repairs instead of shutting down for more than a year as planned. Rents along the line fell in anticipation of the shutdown, so now…
A federal judge this week ruled that a New York City law requiring Airbnb and other booking services to report customer information might violate Fourth Amendment privacy protections. He went on to note that “An attempt by a municipality in an era before electronic data storage to compel an entire industry monthly to copy and produce its records as to all local customers would have been unthinkable under the Fourth Amendment. It would have been out of bounds on the grounds of excessive burden alone.” Presumably the judge never looked at rent registration requirements.
Nassau County’s tentative 2020-21 property tax assessments, the first newones since 2011, are now online.
Despite the defeat of rent control expansion in a referendum in neighboring California, Oregon legislators are reportedly considering how much to limit rent increases—not whether to limit them.
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