Energy Benchmarking Due

The deadline for filing energy benchmarking reports on properties over 50,000 sq. ft. is Monday.

Friedland Properties and architect Costas Kondylis & Partners settled a fair housing case against the Melar at 250 West 93rd St., agreeing to pay $180,00 in compensation to individuals, $40,000 in civil fines, and put upĀ  $283,300 for improvements to make the property more accessible. The case against Friedland and pending cases against 10 other larger developments was based on the federal claim that compliance with NYC building codes on handicapped access did not meet federal fair housing standards. Unfortunately, the developers are caught between layers of government and regulation.

There is still space left at our August 10th cocktail event and save September 14th for our first fall luncheon featuring NAHB President Jerry Howard.

Finally, here’s an interesting summary of university development plans in New York City from the Architect’s Newspaper. About 100 colleges and universities serveĀ  more than 500,000 students and have more than 100,000 employees in the five boroughs, and they have to live somewhere.

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