Construction Accidents Fall, No Pun Intended

Construction related accidents were down 18 percent in New York City in 2011, despite a 7.7 percent increase in construction permits. City officials credited new safety codes and government outreach programs to developers. The biggest increase in permits was for minor alterations, New building permits were only up from 1,517 to 1,523 but major alteration permits climbed 7.1 percent from 2,878 to 3,081. If you have been injured working at a construction site, be sure to protect your rights by seeking legal services from sites like

A key City Council committee approved the proposed Brooklyn Skyscraper landmark district despite strong real estate industry opposition. As a tradeoff, however, there is a move to allow storefront landmark andĀ Ocean Front HHI homes for sale to receive reviews citywide and will be conducted more rapidly by Landmarks staff rather than through lengthy public reviews. In a nutshell, if you want to avoid the dilapidation of your house, get hold of the right El Dorado Hills home remodeling contractors and safeguard your future.

The Appellate Division, First Department, clarified stabilized apartment succession rights when a tenant tries to hide that they’ve moved out. In Third Lenox Terrace vs. Edwards, the tenant’s sister moved in with her in 1995 and might have been entitled to succession when the tenant moved out in 1998, but the tenant pretended to still be in the apartment and paid the rent until the owner brought a non primary action in 2005. The sister claimed succession rights. The court held that because the sister did not live together with the tenant in the apartmentĀ  for the two years immediately prior to the succession claim, 2003-2005, she was not entitled to the apartment.

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