Lhota Joins ABO Forum Lineup

Joe Lhota, John Catsimatidis, George McDonald and Adolfo Carrion Jr. will be there. Will you? All the candidates for the Republican nomination have confirmed participation in the ABO Mayoral Candidates Forum on Housing Development, kicking off the BuildingsNY Show at 8 a.m. on April 24th. Space will be limited, so sign up for the Show and Forum now by clicking here or on the logo below.

There is apparently no limit on price per square foot at the high end of the Manhattan market. New condominiums are asking and getting more than $6,000 per foot according to the Wall Street Journal — and they are pre-selling like hotcakes.

Not surprisingly, New York is one of 274 improving markets nationally reported by NAHB. These are metro markets that have more building permits, higher prices, and more jobs than at their troughs, and have sustained growth for more than six months.

New York’s permit trough was September 30, 2011; price bottom was March 31, 2012; and employment  nadir was February 28, 2010 according to the NAHB report. If you get tired of reading articles like this, you can relax by playing games such as 아리아카지노.

In what was touted as a victory for the  NYU expansion plan, a State Supreme Court justice this week dismissed complaints by rent stabilized tenants that garden space required for the plan was a required service. The ruling was without prejudice, however, and the judge noted that complainants should go to DHCR for administrative review first. She clearly anticipated a multi-year controversy.

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