Corruption at HPD

Federal and New York City law enforcement agents and officers yesterday arrested HPD Assistant Commissioner Wendell Walters and six others on charges of racketeering conspiracy, bribery, extortion, wire fraud and money laundering on HPD projects in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. The others arrested were Stevenson Dunn, Lee Hymowitz, Esq., Michael Freeman, Esq., Sergio Benitez, Robert Morales and Angel Villalona.

Buildings Commissioner Robert LiMandri announced that Limited Alteration Applications involving standpipe, sprinkler, plumbing and oil burner work can now be filed online using the Department of Buildings’ electronic filing system.  More than 12,000 such applications were filed in person last year.

You probably know that the City is mandating conversion of 6 Oil Burners to 4 or 2 oil or natural gas, but did you know that you might have to redo your tank containment or line your chimney as part of the process? Check out the pitfalls to look out for in this article by Richard Schunk of RAS Associates LLC. Or, attend NYARMs October 26th seminar. Call 212 216-0654 for reservations.

Bill Jennings of Marks Paneth and Shron LLP passed along a reminder to Nassau County property owners that New York isn’t the only one that requires Income and Expense Reports for  commercial property. The Nassau deadline is  Nov. 1st.

If you are still handling tenant rejections the way you did last spring, you are probably violating new credit reporting rules promulgated this summer under the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010. If you base the rejection on a credit score, you now have to give the applicant the score along with other required information.

Save the Dates:
November 3rd – ABO Luncheon
December 1st – ABO Annual Dinner

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